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Dynasty Siam Pea Ping Changsai
(Handsome Harry)

Seal Point Siamese
DOB: June 17, 2015
CFF Registered

Handsome Harry



Dynasty Siam Pea Ping Changsai was born in our cattery. Nick named Handsome Harry, our latest man about the cattery, is not only handsome almost beautiful - but Beautiful Harry doesn't have the required consonance - but also a very friendly cat to everyone and a caring father to his offspring, he stole our hearts from the moment he entered our lives.

Harry is an amazing product of our careful selective breeding and has a special pedigree that is an excellent blend of olde British, American and Russian bloodlines. Harry's father Furline MiCzar Ursae is a sweet natured and sturdy cat who exudes vigor, is a direct descendant from two Russian Old Style Siamese cats imported to USA in late 1980's. His mother Ch. Marajade Bathseda Bubling is a Great Britain import. She passed on to Harry her superb brilliant blue eye color and outstanding intelligence. Harry is a beautifully outcrossed cat with the pronounced genetic balance and variety. He carries clean and healthy bloodlines that enriche and diversify our gene pool.

If anything the reality of Harry is greater than the sum of his lineage for he has a caring nature for his offspring which rather reminds one of those PBS shows on lion prides. He watches over his heirs and allows them an open license in learning how to hunt - and play - with Harry as the prey/playmate. And although he is playful and retrieves like a canine, he does not gobble the victuals as a pooch would, instead deferring to the Mom, noticeably when the mother is nursing his babies. Handsome Harry... a true champion.

Kaloke Koto-Fei of Dynasty Siam - RETIRED

Great Britain Import
Seal Point Siamese
DOB: April 25, 2009
GCCF and CFF Registered


Koto-Fei is CFF Champion

Having taken Koto's pedigree back to the first Siamese that were brought into the UK in XIX century we would like to share his pedigree and mention his famous ancestors.

Click here to learn more.

Koto-Fei is DNA tested for the HCM gene and found to be negative.



Koto joined our family in summer 2009. He arrived from Scotland and as a greenhorn in a new land, he was politely reserved. Now he is a young ten months old, tons of fun, so bright and such a handsome Celt! Nick named Old Gregg he quickly became a part of our life. When we take a nap, he snoozes inside one's arm. At night, he goes under the cover for a while, sleeping beside us, then after a short while would stick his head out and share the pillow with us for most of the night. We have a television set up in a closet top shelf and, being a bright inquisitive chap, Greggie took it upon himself to learn how the television and rabbit ear antenna works and frequently investigate it, occasionally moving the rabbit ears about, no doubt to get a clearer picture. When we type not only does he proof read but contributes by walking on the keys.

Koto is growing into a large fellow and does something we have never seen a cat do. When he was small, he would stretch toward the brass knob of a door through which he desired passage. Standing tippy toe on his hind legs, his front legs extended toward the knob as he looked over his shoulder, spoke to us in Siamese cat language, indicating he wanted us to open the door for him. He would make his front paws alternately go up and down like pistons. That routine we had seen, as our other Siamese do the same. However, he grew and one day we saw him reaching the knob, piston his paws on the knob – and the door was open!

Although baseball and football are foreign to our Scottish laddie, he has invented a variation of the caber toss. He has a piece of cylinder shaped mink fur which on occasion he will throw in the air and bat about. He loves playing pitch and catch with our little mousie and other kitty toys. Again, it began with us throwing the toy and Gregg flying across the living room to get it and return it. Again, we have seen other cats do that. Gregg actually throws it back. It does nay go far, but he will cock his head back, swing it fast, releasing the toy from his mouth’s grip and it will sail toward us.

Thank you Mary for this precious boy.


Sibil Qitat LaMurzick McCreesh - RETIRED

Seal Point Siamese
CFF and ACA registered
DOB: 12/02/2004

Seeking a sire we started to look at distant Siamese. We found a pregnant cat in Western New York and were told the mother would deliver in late November, so we drove there to find she hadn’t. The Mom was sweet and the Dad was surprisingly friendly and responsible… we saw pictures of him comforting his mate during a previous delivery of kittens. He was beside her washing her face and kneading her tummy.

We picked Murzick up in February and, upon returning, Mussa slapped the blue blazes out of him for a bit, but then their bond grew and they became playmates, racing wildly every evening around eleven.

During delivery he stayed with Mussa, also kneading her tummy and kissing her. Murzick stayed with her during birth to lend support, licking and petting her as she delivered. Uncertain of how long this would last, we exiled him from the bedroom and Mussa’s started a strike, meowing at the door… she would not be a mother unless he was involved.

Again in the room, we found Mussa’s analysis was correct. He is an equal parent, guarding and loving his off spring. He licks them, he deals with their excretions and sleeps ahead of the basket they sleep in every night.

He quickly feel into be the co-parent and helps round them up, kicks their fur, shows disdain at friends who visit to see the kittens and even cleans their bottoms as the mother usually does.

Murzick's bloodline is still running in our cattery.

Murzick's pedigree can be traced
back to first eleven original cats brought to Great Britain from Siam
in XIX century.
First Champion Wankee (1895)
was one of his ancestors

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