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  Previous Litters

LITTER (Lisette x Koto-Fei)
DOB: 11/03/2012

LITTER (Lisette x Murzick)
DOB: 07/04/2009

Five angel kittens were born on July 4th. This is Lisette's first litter and she did a terrific job delivering her babies. She brought to the world one girl and four boys to admire. We have one sweet seal point boy and all the rest are absolutely adorable blue point kittens.

LITTER: Mussa x Murzick
DOB: 06.09.2009

Seven magnificent kittens were born on June 9th. Two girls and five boys. We have only one blue point girl and all the rest are seal points.

eating nursing

If you know Siamese at all – and you must, seeing as you are reading this – you know, like people, every cat has its own personality.  Our experience is that this selfhood shows itself very  early. You may also know that like countries, litters develop a culture as well. For example Latvia and Lithuania are small countries next to each other and are so alike. And so different.

Take Musa’s latest litter of seven.  As individuals they are different but all wonderful babies who already will purr like a fine engine for you and look at you lovingly when you hold them and pet them. In fact, the reason you are holding one is because it approached you in a manner showing it wanted to be held.  Like all of Musa and  Mursik’s babies, this group is wonderful.

But different.

What is different about the Magnificent 7? They become a pack. Not a dangerous one, but a boiling brood of kittens, very similar to those 1950’s movies which described  the teenagers as wild – which in hindsight amounted to they wore grease in their hand  and smoked cigarettes. We should have such delinquents!

They sleep tight, as if they were still in the womb, but when they are awake they pair off to do battle with each other, even climbing a carpeted pole we have and jumping off to nail the other, rather like a pro wrestler. All appendages are bitten to a symphony of squeals, none of real pain of course. But when a foreign object enters the room, like  me, they band together and the gang climbs, nips, uses my body as a race track causes me to stop attempting a nap because I am laughing too hard. I will remember this squad a long time.


last kitt ko

They say you cannot have enough friends and Billy is one. As one of us types he will either help us type, reminding us of the twin pianos of Ferrante and Teicher, or stand in front of the screen proof reading as we type. Or if Billy recognizes shoulder strain, he will climb on the shoulder and sleep so his body heat will losen the stiffness. When we sleep he always sleeps next to our heart and purr every time you pick him up. He is the sweetest and the most affectionate little boy out of the litter. He has the cutest face and the most beautiful blue eye color.

LITTER: Mussa x Murzick
DOB: 02.18.2007


Dara Chan(Star-like)
Blue Point Female
She is back and lives with us now
Di Willa(Good Feline)
Seal Point Female
(Mia) is a breeding queen now in Koo Wee Rup Victoria, Australia
Dusadi (Compliments)
Seal Point Female
Lives in Rochester, NY

Duan (Moon)
Seal Point Male
Lives in Easton, PA
Dao (Star)
Seal Point Male
Lives in Easton, PA
Di Chai (Good Heart)
Seal Point Male
Lives in Valatie, NY

DOB: 07.08.2006

The "C" litter was the gang of five. These guys were bigger than the others at comparable age and braver. Whereas previous groups had the brave one who ventured out of the box into the world while two or three would lag behind, with these kitties once one was out, they all were out. They even climbed the stairs and slept at the top of them, which no others had done.

Chao Fa (Crown Prince)
Seal Point Male

Lives in Pitsfield, MA
Chui Chai (Siamese Dance)
Seal Point Male
Lives in Newfield, NY
Chaem Choi (Sweet Lady)
Seal Point Female
Lives in Amsterdam, NY
Chakan (Able Bodied)
Seal Point Male

Lives in Malta, NY
Charn Chai (Good in Fighting)
Seal Point Male

Lives in Toronto, Canada

DOB: 02.05.2006

The litter was born on Super Bowl Sunday. Like it's older siblings, there were four boys and two girls, but unlike the A's, it was impossible to tell the males from the females by their activity. All six of them were wee hooligans of an equal intensity. We had such fun observing them play with a new toy, a circle with a ping pong ball they batted around...and bat it they did. They were uniformly loving and demanding love; we couldn't keep them from sleeping in bed with us.

Boribun (Complete)
Seal Point Male

Lives in Toronto, Canada
Bun Mi (To Have Luck)
Blue Point Male
Lives in Burnt Hills NY
Bua Phuan (Water Lily)
Seal Point Female
Lives in Long Island, NY

Busarekham (Precious Stone)
Seal Point Male
Lives in Buffalo, NY

Bun Ma (Fortunate)
Blue Point Male
Lives in Long Island, NY
Ban Chuen (Zinnia)
Seal Point Female
Lives in Burnt Hills, NY

DOB: 09.24.2005

There were six kittens: two girls and four boys. They are all in good homes from Kingston to Watkins Glen. It was fun watching them grow up. The two girls kept separate from the boisterous four brothers. Abby a very sweet girl was very quiet. After her last brother left, she blossomed. She became a fun loving kitty with her Mom and Dad, being a full participant in the ten p.m. wildings of her parents. We didn't want to let her go. She was fun but she has a good home.

Seal Point Female

Lives in Watkins Glen, NY
Seal Point Female
Lives in Gloversville, NY
Seal Point Male
Lives in Queensbury, NY

Seal Point Male

Lives in East Greenbush, NY
Seal Point Male

Lives in Leeds, NY
Seal Point Male

Lives in Lake Katrine, NY

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