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Thor I

Monica and I just wanted to touch base and give you an update on the mighty “Thor.” 

He is 2.5 years old today and is doing great!  He rules the house and makes it perfectly clear that we belong to him!  He is so smart!  He plays fetch, comes when he is called, verbally answers when called, and has learned to jump up and open doorknobs by grabbing and twisting them.  He watched us open the closet door a few times and then he tried it himself. So smart!

Thor’s personality is great. He has never met a stranger and will jump from the floor to people’s shoulders when he wants more attention.  Even our vet can’t believe how outgoing Thor is.  In fact, when he has a vet appointment, all of the vets and techs come into the waiting or exam room to visit with Thor. They take him all over the clinic and he simply rides around on his shoulder.

Here is a recent picture for you so you can see his highness.

Mark and Monica (Utica)



Ava has brought much joy into my life. My vet said she is one of the sweetest most affectionate kittens she has had the pleasure of meeting. I have never seen a kitten or cat before that will lick your face but Ava loves to lick and kiss me.

Her intelligence is also remarkable, she has the ability to open cabinets and you can see when you watch her for a given period of time, that she thinks things out.

She is very well adjusted and can amuse herself for hours making up games and playing by herself. While she is playing she will take a break and run into my arms and look up at me with her beautiful face and she is irresistable.

I could not have chosen a better kitten. I thank Olga every day for helping to create such a wonderful pet.

Stephanie, NYC


Abby... has learned to play fetch. She will grab a mouse and bring it to me when she is ready to start. She even drops the mouse in my hand. She will fetch for 15 – 30 minutes!

I love her to death and enjoy spending time with her.


Basco (aka Angus) is ... long and sleek, incredibly handsome!

He is quite a devil - loves to get into water!  Never had a cat that liked water. He loves to play catch the laser with my son, Tyler.

He is a wonderful addition to our family and we love him very much!

Thank you for having such a wonderful kitten!!


Aramis (now named Mokie)... is an amazing cat and we just love him to death.

He has the greatest personality and is king of the house. He meets us each morning when we get up and will follow us around crying until he gets his morning cuddle session.

He's an absolute delight and we're so glad he is part of out family.

Matt and Jessie

Boribun... never stops purring! The kids just love him.

Katie carries him around like a doll all day. Recently she was dressing him up in her old baby clothes & he never gets upset!Katie had a tea party & gave him water & food in tea cup.

He likes to play with other cats & has no fear of dogs. When anyone comes to visit he has to check them out & then have a nap on their lap. When my mother came by for a visit He decided to jump on her shoulder& lie on her head!

When I need to use my computer without him laying on my keyboard, I throw a small stuffed toy around the house or down the stairs so he can fetch it. If I don't throw it right away when he brings it back I get a chomp on my ankle to remind me to keep playing! We are having a lot of fun with him .He even loves car rides ,We take him on a few visits to the grandparent's houses where he just makes himself at home.

My wife now realizes how much different a Siamese cat is than most other cats.

Thank you again for such a wonderful pet!


We are so happy with the kittens. They are gorgeous and loving and we couldn't be more thrilled to have them.They are totally the most lovable animals I have ever had. You guys did a great job rearing them.

Boone (Bun Ma) ... is such a sweet boy. Boone is very calm and sweet natured.  He is also single minded when he wants to do something.  As I write he is meowing because he has decided that it is my turn to hold him. He would not go Arthur but must be held, so I am typing with one hand while he watches my fingers and looks up at the computer screen. He hates to be alone and comes running and crying to Art, Bandit or myself, chastising us when we leave him alone. 

Bandit (Bua Phuen) is much tinier that Boone and gets into EVERYT She is quite active and agile and we are never certain where we will find her.  She loves to look out our picture windows and sliding doors and likes to jump up on things and explore.  Boone tries to follow her but is really too big and falls a lot.  Bandit has a creaky little meow she uses when she wants to be cuddled.

They both come down to greet us when we come home, with a “Mewomeowmeow” as they do to all of our visitors. They are friendly and curious to all and like to lick our nose in greeting as well.  Our friends and acquaintances are calling them “the special cats” because they are so friendly and loving.

These two cats are Siamese Spaniels totally addicted to water. When you brush your teeth, both sit on the sink and watch, then Boone drinks from the faucet and washes his front paws one at a time. When you shower, both sit at the toilet, one on the tank, the other on the seat.

Boone does not think he is a cat. He is a lover and wants everyone that comes into the house to pick him up. I call him my mush cat. Just give him attention and love and affection and his motor kicks in and you can hear him purr from one end of the house to the other. Bandit we call baby because she lets you think she is so fragile but boy, is she a terror. Again we want to thank you for giving us these two gems.

Betsie and Arthur


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